ParaSoul Sisters

all Female paranormal investigation team

Traveling 2017!

Hey there!

Welcome to our page! If you haven't read already we are an all female team out of Indianapolis,IN We are three females who run around to find out what's going bump in the night, or what might not be. We each have different outlooks on the  Paranormal & have come together to determine if there is something going on or not. On top of doing that we travel a lot, take on residential cases, and use some unconventional, cliché, out there, modern, techniques to gather possible evidence. But! Its not just us we have two camera/tech men and an awesome Basecamp/ Case Manager! 

June 22nd-24th

Gettysburg ParaCon!


Thanks to Emily from 3GD for our awesome Logo!

Represented by:

TBA- Hannah House M&G


Sept 29th-Oct 1st


Lexington, KY